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    Migraine app – Migraine Buddy

    The most popular migraine app, with over 2.2 million users, has to be Migraine Buddy. The app has so many practical functions, plus its FREE! You can record your migraines, and there is an easy and smart questionnaire with a ton of essential questions of information that you most likely would have forgotten the day after. First of all, you can keep track of not only migraine but also headaches and other pain-related diseases and symptoms. After typing when it started, you get to choose what kind of attack type it is. You then type your pain level and also where you were when the attack began. You get to…

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    You are not alone!

    Sometimes it can feel like that, that we are all alone. That we are the only ones with that kind of pain or that kind of problem. No one knows how it feels, and nobody understands. Especially now, when everything enrolls around the internet, it’s well known that we have stopped talking with each other. But the good thing is that the internet also brings us together. It’s easy to find other people that we can relate to. People that experience the same thing as us. And that is a good thing. So why do we still feel alone with our problems? I want to let you know that you…

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    Migraine world summit – Book March 18-26

    The largest patient event in the world for migraine and headache disorders returns this March 18-26. The Migraine World Summit will bring together 32 experts, including doctors and specialists, to share new treatments, research, and strategies to help you improve your migraine and chronic headache. It is a virtual Summit which means you can watch it from the privacy and comfort of your own home. WHY ATTEND? World-Leading Experts: At the Migraine World Summit, you’ll learn first-hand from 32 of the world’s top migraine and headache experts from leading institutions including the Mayo Clinic, Yale Medical School and The Cleveland Clinic.   Full Access: Many of these world-leading experts have…

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    War against Migraine

    In the latest issue of Science Illustrated here in Sweden (Swedish title Illustrerad Vetenskap), you can read about how the scientists now declaring war against migraine. I tried to find the article in the American version, but I can’t find it, so here comes a summary of the Swedish article. One billion people suffer from migraines Apparently, one billion people suffer from migraines all over the world. And its believed that the reason is that a normal protein causes the sensory nerves to run amok. Now researchers have developed a drug that will prevent headaches from occurring, but still, they can’t answer why some people are sensitive to the protein.…

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    Migraine glasses – review

    Have you heard about them? Or even tried them? Migraine glasses seems to be the “new thing,” even if they have been on the market a while, that is often discussed in different types of migraine and headache groups and forums. The thought of glasses to help prevent migraines is very good. Many of us migraine sufferers are sensitive to bright light, and that is a common trigger. As always, when new gadgets try to establish on the market, the price is a bit too high, but If you want to try them out, like me, then there seem to be a few budget choices. This little investigation of migraine…

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    Migraine + weather

    Can you predict the weather? Are you a human weather forecast teller? Can you tell when the weather is switching or when there is coming to stormy winds? Thunderstorms and lightning as well? Very bright sunlight, extreme heat or cold, excessive dryness, humidity, and changed barometric pressure?   I’m a weather physic After having migraine most of my life, which means about 30 years, since I’m 42 now, I have realized that I’m sensitive to the weather. Calm, steady weather doesn’t affect me at all. But as soon as it changes, I’m as a freaking weather station. If the weather switches to much, sometimes it can feel like we have…

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    Wellpatch for migraine?

    I work as a professional massage therapist as my day job and have been doing that for over 15 years by now. As you might have guessed by now, I take a special interest in headache and migraine. Many customers come to me after hearing (especially mouth to mouth from clients that I have helped with their migraine and headache) that I both suffer from headache and migraine myself, which means that I know what they go through and can relate, but also that I keep on educating myself to become a better massage therapist, find new or better ways to treat my clients and their issues, and trying to…

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    Migraines due to vitamin deficiency?

    Migraine, severe headache, depression, fatigue. Even if it’s not clear what causes a migraine, and the triggers for a headache can be countless. Sometimes it can be so simple that it can all be because of a vitamin deficiency. And that is so simple that we sometimes don’t think of it, that we might not get all the vitamins and minerals that we and our body needs. Depressed because of folic acid deficiency The first time I ever realized how essential vitamins and minerals were, was when I was about 25. I was depressed. I cried all the time, and I couldn’t find anything to be joyful over. Finally, my…

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    Neck Hammock for Headache and Migraine Review

    A neck hammock or sometimes called a head hammock is something that has helped me quite a lot with tensions in my neck muscles. And when the tensions started to fade, then I had a lot fewer headaches and migraine attacks. So since it helped me, I really want to share this experience with you, and hopefully, it can help you too. After I have bought my neck hammock, I realized that there were several versions out there, and some of them had better reviews than the others. So after getting a lot of questions about which one is the best, I here buy presents the most common ones. Product…

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    Botox treatment for migraines

    Have you heard about botox treatment for migraines? Is it the same botox that is used for beauty treatments? How well does it work? Botox seems to be the new thing when it comes to treating migraines. So I felt like researching this a bit more. Is botox for you? At first, you get treated for your migraine with preventive treatment, often some drugs. The idea is to reduce the frequency of the migraine attacks, and also the severity. When that treatment with “regular” drugs doesn’t work as planned, then botox injections should be considered. The same botox for wrinkles and migraine The rumor has it that when middle age…

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