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    Migraine with aura

    You have probably heard it before, that some people get a so-called aura before the migraine starts. What is an aura, and how does it show? How do I know if I have a migraine with aura? Previously, a migraine with aura was called “classic migraine.” But today, migraine is classified as migraine with or without an aura. An aura can be visual phenomena, the speech getting worse, loss of feeling, or decreasing skin sensations. People that have migraines with aura can most often tell if a migraine attack is on its way by different preventions, many times, these “warnings” can be very diffuse. Commun preventions that a migraine attack…

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    Migraine on your vaccation

    Isn’t it typical, on your first vacation day, you get a migraine. I can’t think of many things that can feel that annoying. You are free, probably have slept several hours more than you usually do, but still, you wake up with a migraine. Or, in some cases, the migraine comes lurking as soon as you get up. The whole day of your vacation is a flop since you have to spend the day in the sack with the drapes covering your window, in a stone black bedroom, hearing your husband and children having fun on maybe your first vacation day. So why do I get a migraine on my…

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    Waking up with headache or migraine

    Waking up with a headache or a migraine is a living nightmare. Even worse to get to bed with a headache and then waking up with the same headache. Headaches and migraines get us so muchy in our heads, and it’s impossible to think straight. I think you recognize yourself if I say that its common that you have a very short temper, not able to concentrate, and you become exhausted since this kind of pain drains you of all energy. Finally, your lack of patience means you use a very sharp tone towards your beloved husband or your fantastic children. The pain often increases when you move your head…

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    How common is Headache and Migraine?

    Migraine is the third most common disease in the world (dental caries and tension-type headache in first and second place) and has been there in all centuries and all cultures. A little bit of history The word migraine derives from the Greek word hemicrania, which means “half-headed”. In the century 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, describes in detail, migraine attacks with the visual disturbance. Migraine is even referred to in biblical texts. Even earlier, there is a description that sounds to describe a migraine attack in Papyrus Ebers, and that script was written as early as 1200 BC in Egypt. 270 types of headaches There are over 270 different types…

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    What is the difference between Headaches and Migraines?

    Sometimes it can be hard to know if you experience headaches vs migraines. Headache is very common and usually goes away by it self. To know the difference between headaches and migraines can be significant since the treatment can be very different. But also to prevent it from happening too often in the near future. Headaches Headache takes its form as a pain in the head, and can last from half an hour to several days. Typically, you feel like a pressure (I usually describe it as it feels like your brain is swelling). A headache is commonly on both sides on the head. It is also common to feel a grinding…

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    About me

    I really want to welcome you to my site about Headaches and Migraines!     MY STORY I have had headaches and migraines all my life. The first time I got a real migraine attack, as I can remember, was around ten years old. After that, I have had a migraine at least once a week. During my period, I had migraines two to three times a week. Headaches have I had between, or the migraine has started or ended with a headache. Like many others, all the women at my mother’s sida have or have had migraine. So it has been something that we seemed to inherited. At 27,…

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