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    Migraine world summit – Book March 18-26

    The largest patient event in the world for migraine and headache disorders returns this March 18-26. The Migraine World Summit will bring together 32 experts, including doctors and specialists, to share new treatments, research, and strategies to help you improve your migraine and chronic headache. It is a virtual Summit which means you can watch it from the privacy and comfort of your own home. WHY ATTEND? World-Leading Experts: At the Migraine World Summit, you’ll learn first-hand from 32 of the world’s top migraine and headache experts from leading institutions including the Mayo Clinic, Yale Medical School and The Cleveland Clinic.   Full Access: Many of these world-leading experts have…

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    War against Migraine

    In the latest issue of Science Illustrated here in Sweden (Swedish title Illustrerad Vetenskap), you can read about how the scientists now declaring war against migraine. I tried to find the article in the American version, but I can’t find it, so here comes a summary of the Swedish article. One billion people suffer from migraines Apparently, one billion people suffer from migraines all over the world. And its believed that the reason is that a normal protein causes the sensory nerves to run amok. Now researchers have developed a drug that will prevent headaches from occurring, but still, they can’t answer why some people are sensitive to the protein.…

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    Migraines due to vitamin deficiency?

    Migraine, severe headache, depression, fatigue. Even if it’s not clear what causes a migraine, and the triggers for a headache can be countless. Sometimes it can be so simple that it can all be because of a vitamin deficiency. And that is so simple that we sometimes don’t think of it, that we might not get all the vitamins and minerals that we and our body needs. Depressed because of folic acid deficiency The first time I ever realized how essential vitamins and minerals were, was when I was about 25. I was depressed. I cried all the time, and I couldn’t find anything to be joyful over. Finally, my…

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    Botox treatment for migraines

    Have you heard about botox treatment for migraines? Is it the same botox that is used for beauty treatments? How well does it work? Botox seems to be the new thing when it comes to treating migraines. So I felt like researching this a bit more. Is botox for you? At first, you get treated for your migraine with preventive treatment, often some drugs. The idea is to reduce the frequency of the migraine attacks, and also the severity. When that treatment with “regular” drugs doesn’t work as planned, then botox injections should be considered. The same botox for wrinkles and migraine The rumor has it that when middle age…

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    10 ways to reduce and prevent headache and migraine

    Not many things take so much energy than a constant headache or migraine attacks. You are feeling like shit, with your brain feeling like full of sawdust that starts to swell so that you think that it will explode. You feel irritable, and the pain is overwhelming. Or you are waking up, yet another morning, with a headache. Are you tired just of fill your body with aspirin, Advil, ibuprofen? Or even stronger prescripted drugs? But whatever you do or what many doctors treat is the symptoms but rarely the cause. And by not looking at the reason, it won’t change anything. What can you do to turn the downward…

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    Medical treatment for migraine

    The treatment of migraine and headache is divided into emergency and preventive treatment. The purpose of the emergency treatment is to quickly stop an ongoing headache attack, while the preventive treatment should reduce the number of attacks or prevent them from coming at all. By combining different emergency and preventative methods, treatment will have the most significant effect. In the longer term, preventative treatment contributes to the reduction of headache attacks or to ceasing altogether. Usually, it is an addition to the emergency treatment for those who have more than two attacks per day or long periods of trouble. It is often successful in combining two different treatments, but everyone…

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