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Migraine app – Migraine Buddy

The most popular migraine app, with over 2.2 million users, has to be Migraine Buddy. The app has so many practical functions, plus its FREE!
You can record your migraines, and there is an easy and smart questionnaire with a ton of essential questions of information that you most likely would have forgotten the day after.
First of all, you can keep track of not only migraine but also headaches and other pain-related diseases and symptoms.
After typing when it started, you get to choose what kind of attack type it is.
You then type your pain level and also where you were when the attack began.
You get to select potential triggers, if you have your menstruation (as a female) and if you had any sense of the attack coming.
Followed is if what symptoms you experience if you have taken any medications and if there are any relief methods. How affected you were from different activities and the ability to point out where the pain started.
Migraine Buddy really helps you track your potential triggers every time so that it gets easier to find likely causes of your migraines. With the insightful and detailed reports for your migraines, it will help you identify potential triggers and lifestyle factors that could cause your migraine attacks.
Migraine Buddy shares a lot of articles and information to help you deal with migraines. If you use your Facebook account when you have downloaded the app and create your account, you can get access to the community on Facebook and Instagram. This way, you can connect to other migraine sufferers.
Even the Migraine Buddy website has a lot of interesting articles, and I love the Migraine stories, even if some of them break my heart.
There is a premium Migraine Buddy called MBplus. And that contains;
-Emergency preparation, migraine friendly Diets, and Recipes, how the weather impact and many other topics. Step by step actions to integrate into your life and control migraine. Members-only community chat groups where you can exchange ideas/learnings and get motivated together. There are also printables and templates on how to navigate in your daily life and preparations for doctor visits.
The price depends from $9.99/month to try MBplus up to $69.99/year.
So there is not so much to think about, download the FREE app right away, it will surely help you in many different ways!

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