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Migraine glasses – review

Have you heard about them?

Or even tried them?

Migraine glasses seems to be the “new thing,” even if they have been on the market a while, that is often discussed in different types of migraine and headache groups and forums. The thought of glasses to help prevent migraines is very good. Many of us migraine sufferers are sensitive to bright light, and that is a common trigger.

As always, when new gadgets try to establish on the market, the price is a bit too high, but If you want to try them out, like me, then there seem to be a few budget choices.

This little investigation of migraine glasses is based on information gathering from the manufacture and people that have tried them. I will make a more significant migraine glasses review when my order has arrived, and I have had the time to try them on for a while.

Have you tried any of the migraine glasses? What was your opinion? Please share in the comments below.

By searching the net, it seems to be only five different brands of migraine glasses. There are a few other copies, but they are not specifically for migraines. I came across one of the migraine glasses in a local shop the other week, and the quality was low, as well as the fit, and the glasses just felt like any other regular sunglasses.

Product name: Hooga Indoor Migraine Glasses for Migraine and Light Sensitivity Relief

Manufacture: Hooga

Price: $44.99

The place to buy:

Guarantee: Hooga writes, “Nearly 90% of our customers noticed relief from migraine symptoms and light sensitivity. However, these glasses do not work for everyone. So if you order one of our glasses and do not experience the relief you are looking for or are for any reason unsatisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee!”

My rating: 8 out of 10

Product Overview: 

Hooga’s indoor migraine glasses are apparently tinted with the FL-41 filter that supposedly blocks the most harmful blue and green wavelengths that can cause migraines and photophobia.

Hooga migraine glasses also supposedly block fluorescent and bright lighting, so that is possible to stop migraines before they start as well as provide relief for existing migraines. Hooga’s glasses also supposedly help with eye strain and fatigue while working on a computer or other digital devices.

Hooga migraine glasses are supposedly manufactured with the best materials possible. The indoor migraine glasses are made with TR90 thermoplastic materials, which are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. All of Hooga’s glasses are unisex.

Most of the people I have been in contact with have been using Hooga’s migraine glasses, and it seems like 9 out of 10 people getting significantly lower migraine attacks by using their indoor glasses.

Product name: Terramed Migraine Glasses for Migraine Relief and Light Sensitivity Relief

Manufacture: Terramed

Price: $64.99

The place to buy:

Guarantee: None?

My rating: 7.5 out of 10

Product Overview: 

Terramed concludes that fluorescent and bright lighting is a trigger for migraines in children and adults, and continued exposure to light can make things even worse. By wearing migraine light sensitivity glasses while working on a computer or under fluorescent lights can help. Terramed’s fl-41 anti migraine glasses are specially designed for all-day wear indoors to prevent and reduce the frequency of migraines, relieve symptoms from light sensitivity, and minimize eye strain and fatigue.

When you have a migraine, anything you put on your face feels like a heavyweight and pushes down on sensitive, painful areas making your attempt to block the light even worse! Terramed fluorescent light migraine glasses for women or men are specially designed indoor glasses with a lightweight frame that comfortably fits the face

90% of Terramed’s customers apparently reported relief from migraine symptoms and light sensitivity with their new glasses for migraine headache. Terramed glasses for migraine sufferers are FDA Registered and Approved!

Terramed means that with more electronics and bright lights, newer classrooms, more and more students are suffering from eye strain, light sensitivity, and migraines. They suggest that you can send your daughter or son to school with an all-day wearable solution to this problem and help them maintain their focus, prevent headaches, and reduce eye strain and fatigue all day long with these rose-tinted glasses for light sensitivity.

As with Hooga, the customers that have bought Terramed’s Migraine glasses seem very satisfied and that the glasses have helped them tremendously with stopping or lowering the number of migraine attacks. I haven’t been able to track as many buyers of Terrameds glasses as with Hooga’s.

Product name: WearOver Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity, Photophobia, and Fluorescent Lights

Manufacture: TheraSpecs

Price: $99

The place to buy:

Guarantee: None?

My rating: 7 out of 10

Product Overview: 

TheraSpecs lenses are apparently precision-tinted to block particular light that can trigger or worsen migraine, post-concussion syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and other chronic conditions.

TheraSpecs supposedly protect the user from fluorescent lighting, reduce headache and migraine frequency, and relieve light sensitivity and glare. Their glasses is also based on FL-41 lenses, and the indoor TheraSpecs should be great for wearing near artificial fluorescent light, while working on a computer, and for wearing outdoors on overcast days.

The TheraSpecs Migraine glasses with TR90 frames are incredibly lightweight but strong and durable. Unlike the other migraine glasses, TheraSpecs Migraine glasses are designed to be worn over prescription glasses and readers.

I haven’t found any buyers of TheraSpecs Migraine glasses, but they seem to have quite a lot of positive reviews. The design appears not to be as popular since they are designed to be worn ower your regular glasses. Anyhow, even does that give a low grade for their size and design think the glasses are a life saver.

Product name: Migraine Glasses for Women – Blue and Red Light Blocking for Migraine and Photosensitivity Relief

Manufacture: MigraLens

Price: $70

The place to buy:

Guarantee: None?

My rating: 6.5 out of 10

Product Overview: 

MigraLens filters are apparently the leading blue light blocking migraine relief products on the market today, blocking the blue and red wavelengths responsible for causing and worsening migraines.

Accordingly, to MigraLens, over the past 20 years, they have brought relief and normality back to tens of thousands of people, all at an affordable price. For these reasons, MigraLens is endorsed by the non-profit Migraine Action Association and other UK health groups.

MigraLens is available in various styles, including clip-on, fit-overs, or made to your prescription.

Most “computer glasses” only block blue light, but research by Dr Andy Dowson and Alan Maine proved that red light is also a significant cause of sensitivity concerning migraines. Unlike MigraLens, a blue block filter alone will not stop all harmful light from potentially triggering and worsening migraines.

Apparently, 91% of trialists preferred MigraLens over any other tinted glasses previously used for eye fatigue, migraine, and blocking blue light, finding that MigraLens reduces the duration, severity, and frequency of migraines decreased from 6 out of every 7 days to about 2 or 3 a month.

Even if MigraLens Migraine glasses are approved by the non-profit Migraine Action Association, I can’t find as many good reviews or as high ranking as the other migraine glasses. To be approved by the non-profit Migraine Action Association, which gives a lot of trust and apparently to themself, over 9 out of 10 trialists preferred MigraLens Migraine glasses. But if that is the truth, where are all the happy and satisfied customers? Don’t they leave any reviews? High rated reviews that just started using them or just have unpacked them is not something I rely on.

Product name: SomniLight Red Migraine Glasses

Manufacture: Somnilight

Price: $49.99

The place to buy:


My rating: 6.5 out of 10

Product Overview: 

According to Somnilight, blue wavelengths of light have been proven to both trigger and exacerbate the pain of migraine headaches. Our red migraine relief glasses are specially designed to block over 99% of blue wavelengths, both preventing and alleviating migraines. One study reported that 94% of patients experienced a reduction of migraine pain within 10 minutes of wearing red lenses, with some patients experiencing total relief in as little as 10 seconds. Somnilight’s red tinted anti-migraine glasses are also highly effective for preventing eye strain caused by long term computer use and photophobia caused by fluorescent lighting. In fact, SomniLight’s red tinted migraine glasses are the strongest blue-blocking migraine glasses on the market, blocking 20% more blue light than similar rose migraine glasses and fl-41 migraine glasses, offering maximum blue light and fluorescent light protection. But there is a big caution: you should not wear red glasses while operating a motor vehicle, as traffic lights can become difficult to distinguish.

It’s not really fair to compare SomniLight with the other brands since the others have fl-41 glasses. On the other hand, SomniLight claims that they are much better than all the others, and secondly, these glasses from SomniLight is marketing itself as migraine glasses. I talked with a few buyers of SomniLights Migraine glasses, and the overall judgment was ok but not much more.



To have a pair of glasses, if you have to be out in bright sunlight. Or if you need to work a couple of hours in front of the computer when you feel that your migraine is coming sneaking. That would be a wonderful thing! I have a hard time to believe that the same glasses can work both outside and inside. I personally have realized that I’m sensitive to the color red just before and during a migraine attack, so to have migraine glasses with red glasses in them doesn’t feel right. But I can’t sit here and say that it won’t work before I have tried.

What is your opinion on migraine glasses?

Do you have any experience with them?

I would love to hear, please share them in the comments below.


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