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Migraine on your vaccation

Isn’t it typical, on your first vacation day, you get a migraine. I can’t think of many things that can feel that annoying. You are free, probably have slept several hours more than you usually do, but still, you wake up with a migraine. Or, in some cases, the migraine comes lurking as soon as you get up. The whole day of your vacation is a flop since you have to spend the day in the sack with the drapes covering your window, in a stone black bedroom, hearing your husband and children having fun on maybe your first vacation day. So why do I get a migraine on my vacation? And how can I prevent it?

Try to relax as much as possible

The most common explanation for getting a migraine on your vacation is that you relax. I know that that sounds crazy, but it’s not that farfetched. You have probably had a lot to do at work, maybe worked a lot of over hours and at the same time try to juggle that with taking care of your children, getting them to and from school, driving them to after school activities, helping them with homework and feeding them. Not to forget about taking care of your home with cleaning and washing. Somewhere, at the end of your “To do” list is your spouse, the man you live together with, the man you love. But who has time on priorities your relationship with so much going on?

Releasing of your tensions

Back to the relaxing part. With so many things going on in your life, you are most likely very tense. Your energy has been gone for several months, and now you probably are going on just the “battery fumes.” So you and your body are very near its breaking point and now knowing that you have a vacation or there is a holiday, you relax. When you relax, you release all the tensions you have in your body. And since you have so many tensions in your body, this becomes too much, and the migraine comes as easy as a letter to the post office. So what can you do to prevent this from happening?

You must priorities yourself

It would be best if you changed your life as much as possible, and in so many ways, that is possible. You need to priorities your self. I know how hard it can be and that it can feel hopelessly. But if you don´t priority yourself, you can’t help anybody else. It’s like you are on an airplane with your children. If something happens and the oxygen masks fall down. You have to put one on yourself FIRST! Otherwise, you CANNOT help anyone else!

Live a healthy life

Make sure that you eat as healthy as possible so that you put the right fuel in your body. Exercise so that you have a healthy body and regularly go to a massage therapist and chiropractor so that you get help release tensions in your body. Take as good care of your body as you do with your car. You wouldn’t dream of putting diesel in your gasoline car, and you know that your vehicle needs to have at least one regular check-up every year.

Avoid making plans

Try not to plan anything for at least the first day of your vacation. Avoid that kind of pressure on yourself and try to have a whole day of nothing planned. If you get a migraine, then it will affect you as little as possible. If you don’t get a migraine, you have a whole day to do anything you want.

Drink water

Make sure to drink a lot of water. The more you dehydrate your body, the better you will feel. One of the most common reasons for headaches is that we drink too little, and especially in warm weather.

Write a diary to find your triggers

Start writing a diary to find what triggers your migraines. Can you find any similarities before the attacks? When do they occur? Try to learn the signs that your body is giving you, but we are to blind to see often. Regarding older research says that red wine, blue cheese, and dark chocolate are common triggers for migraine. Is it the same for you, or do you have any other triggers? By writing a migraine diary, you can find and avoid your triggers. Be aware of when a migraine attack is coming and what might relieve them or prevent them. This way, you might also be aware of how long your attack usually is and if you can do anything to make the attacks shorter. If you contact a doctor for your headache or migraine, they typically want you to write this kind of diary, so by doing this, it is possible to get help as quickly as possible.

I hope this will help you in any way so that you can enjoy your vacations without a migraine attack!


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