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Migraine + weather

Can you predict the weather? Are you a human weather forecast teller? Can you tell when the weather is switching or when there is coming to stormy winds? Thunderstorms and lightning as well? Very bright sunlight, extreme heat or cold, excessive dryness, humidity, and changed barometric pressure?


I’m a weather physic

After having migraine most of my life, which means about 30 years, since I’m 42 now, I have realized that I’m sensitive to the weather. Calm, steady weather doesn’t affect me at all. But as soon as it changes, I’m as a freaking weather station. If the weather switches to much, sometimes it can feel like we have two to three seasons here, in just one day. That will give me a migraine.

If it gets too windy, with heavy gusts, you know the type of wind that suddenly takes hold of you and keeps it hard to go upright. Winds that blow right in your face and make even taking a breath hard. Gusts so massive that it’s almost a storm. That will give me a migraine.

Rain, rainy seasons with that moisture feeling. You know when it’s not raining, but the humidity is huge, and the atmosphere is so damp that you get wet through all your clothes if you go outside. If a thunderstorm comes, if there is thunder, lightning flashes. That tension and those loud rambling sounds that the thunder makes. That will give me a migraine.

Have talked with several people in my family that suffers from migraine, and the weather is a huge trigger also for them. Also asked that question in several support groups for migraine, and so many recognize this and experience the same.

Weather and scientific research

But it is a fact? Can weather give migraine? It’s incredibly interesting that most people with migraines think that they can predict the weather, but this hasn’t been able to be seen in scientific studies. The only thing that scientific studies have been able to establish is that the weather can be a trigger for migraine.

Scientist means that its almost impossible to leave out other triggers or to prove that it’s only the weather that causes migraine attacks. As you probably know by experience, migraine can have a number of different triggers. And what trigger one person won’t trigger another person that suffers from migraine.

What is your experience?

How is it for you? Do you feel like a fortuneteller sometimes? Can you anticipate the weather a lot of times? Please share how the weather is affecting you in the comments below. I would love to hear your story if you want to share?


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