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Migraine world summit – Book March 18-26

The largest patient event in the world for migraine and headache disorders returns this March 18-26.
The Migraine World Summit will bring together 32 experts, including doctors and specialists, to share new treatments, research, and strategies to help you improve your migraine and chronic headache. It is a virtual Summit which means you can watch it from the privacy and comfort of your own home.


World-Leading Experts: At the Migraine World Summit, you’ll learn first-hand from 32 of the world’s top migraine and headache experts from leading institutions including the Mayo Clinic, Yale Medical School and The Cleveland Clinic.


Full Access: Many of these world-leading experts have long waiting lists and fees that are beyond the affordability of the average insurance policy. Skip the waiting period and get straight into the room with these experts.


Free: The event is entirely free while live from March 20-28. Visiting dozens of specialists in one field would take years and costs thousands of dollars. This is an incredible opportunity to hear from dozens of leading experts in migraine for free during the week. After March 28, transcripts and interview copies are available to purchase.

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Join more than 100,000 new and returning attendees and tune in to 32 NEW interviews to find the answers you need to help better manage migraine and chronic headache. Questions answered include:

What new treatments are available or coming soon?
What can I learn from successful patient case studies?
What new non-medicinal alternatives are recently available?
How can I break refractory chronic migraine?
When should I get a scan for my headache condition?
How are neck pain and migraine related?
How important are sleep and exercise really for those with migraine?
Are supplements or vitamins worth considering?
What are some common drug interactions and side effects we should know about?
What do I need to know about hemiplegic and vestibular migraine?
How important is diet for migraine and headache?
How can I interpret migraine research?

The virtual Migraine World Summit is free from March 18-26, 2020.

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I hope I will see you at the Summit!


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