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Migraine + Yoga

Have you heard about Yoga for migraine?

Its a combination of yoga poses combined with breathing techniques, picked especially from kundalini yoga. Several yoga trainers have made a name of yoga for migraine relief around the world.

Here in Sweden, this type of yoga is invented by a man called Per Söder, who has had a migraine for over 40 years, but this type of yoga has helped him lived migraine free for 15 years.
I haven’t gone to any of Per courses since he lives over 70 miles from me. My mother has bought his book and has started doing yoga regularly during the last year. I have done different types of yoga and trained for various kinds of yoga trainers that teach migraine yoga for several years.

This type of yoga and breathing techniques is meant to help all kinds of headaches like tension- and stress-related. Many of the poses are very simple and easy, said to be done every day, to release tensions and get a better flow in our body.

In the “International Journal of Yoga,” there was a study published in 2014 where 60 migraine sufferers all got conventional care but were randomly divided into two groups, where only one of the groups received yoga five times a week for 30 minutes during six weeks. Apparently, the yoga group experienced significantly fewer episodes and less intense migraine symptoms. But how reliable this study is can be questioned, and also that its a very small study with so few participants. I haven’t found who or what place that has completed this study. On the other hand, you are today able to found studies in almost every subject and in what angle you want. What I mean is that if you search for it, you can find studies support any point of view that you have.

Both myself, my mother, and several friends with migraine have done yoga with a migraine attack present and haven’t found any relief during any yoga exercises and poses. What I have heard is that you have to do these particular poses every day for over a year.

Have you tried migraine yoga? And have you found any relief?

Here are a few videos that show several types of yoga poses for migraines, and I really hope they will help you!

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