Headache,  Migraine

Waking up with headache or migraine

Waking up with a headache or a migraine is a living nightmare. Even worse to get to bed with a headache and then waking up with the same headache.

Headaches and migraines get us so muchy in our heads, and it’s impossible to think straight. I think you recognize yourself if I say that its common that you have a very short temper, not able to concentrate, and you become exhausted since this kind of pain drains you of all energy. Finally, your lack of patience means you use a very sharp tone towards your beloved husband or your fantastic children.

The pain often increases when you move your head or when you do something physical. Sometimes something as easy as getting out of bed and standing up gets the headache to increase. I often can feel my puls, in my head, and especially in my temples, and that can really hurt.

Stress gives us a headache

Stress is one of the most significant factors that trigger headaches and migraines. First of all, try to find what makes you feel stressed and see if you can minimize the stressful things. Especially if you can feel that a headache or migraine attack is on its way, try to avoid your stress triggers or at least decrease them as much as possible.

Sinusitis, a cold and allergy give us headache

Waking up with a headache or a migraine can also happen if you have inflammation in your nostrils, an allergy, or sinusitis. Since or sinuses are located both under and over our eyes, it is common to give us a headache.

If I have a cold or a runny nose, nose spray can help against headaches in many ways. Since the sinuses often are affected when it comes to headaches, that is probably the reason why several headache medicines manufacture makes some kinds of nose sprays.


Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep, because of anxiety, stress, or some other kind of emotional or psychological factors, can give headaches, since it often affects our quality of sleep.

Worrying about things in your daily life, going to bed too late, and needing to go up early the next morning is not precisely a prescription for waking up feeling great full of energy… All kinds of negative emotions and also recurrent nightmares can cause headaches and migraines.

Sleepapné (with several breathing stops while you are sleeping) is known to give headaches. That is because your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen while you are sleeping.

Tension in the neck and shoulder muscles

Lack of sleep, if you are very tense or sleeping in a bad position, insomnia or nightmares gives more tension in your body, and that means in your muscles. If your muscles in the neck and shoulders are tense, it will put pressure on and in your head, and that will cause a headache.

Just by making sure that you are sleeping on a good mattress and even more important, use the right pillow dor you. A good pillow will make you sleep better and also support your spine and your vertebrates in your neck.

If you are clenching your teeth or grind your teeth while you are sleeping, it will give pain and discomfort in your jaws when you wake up. Clenching or grinding your teeth is or often becomes a subconscious habit. Something you are not aware that you are doing during the night.

Massage in your neck and shoulder, in your temples and around your jaws, often reliefs this kind of tension. You can absolutely massage yourself; otherwise i would recommend calling a massage therapist in your area, that has some knowledge regarding headaches and migraines.

But many times, you might need a dental splint from your dentist, to use while you sleep, it can sometimes be a necessity to get muscle relief in and around your teeth and jaws.

Medication abuse

Something that we shouldn’t forget is that headaches due to medication abuse are very common. This might feel like a moment 22 since a lot of people use medication to ease or relieve headaches.

But if we have headaches too often and we, therefore, use medication equally many times, the medicine gives a counterproductive effect. We are talking about prescribed medicine but also nonprescription medicine.

By abuse of drugs, you often mean taking medication for your headache or migraine one or more times every week. So the same medicine that should relive your headache can actually give you a headache instead.

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