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Wellpatch for migraine?

I work as a professional massage therapist as my day job and have been doing that for over 15 years by now. As you might have guessed by now, I take a special interest in headache and migraine. Many customers come to me after hearing (especially mouth to mouth from clients that I have helped with their migraine and headache) that I both suffer from headache and migraine myself, which means that I know what they go through and can relate, but also that I keep on educating myself to become a better massage therapist, find new or better ways to treat my clients and their issues, and trying to keep me up to date with research and other news out there that can benefit my customers and me.

Something I love to use and have been doing that for many years, its heat liniment for my customers stiff, tense muscles. I always lubricate my customers with heat liniment after every treatment so that they get as much help as possible even after the massage treatment since the warmth helps keep the blood flowing in their tense muscles.

Can’t live without my icepack

When I have a migraine, I can’t live without my icepack that I store in the fridge. I put that ice pack on my head, either the forehead or over the eye, that’s is impacted by the migraine. And that feels so good! I believe that many of you agree with me on that…
Even if I live in Sweden, most of the courses I take are in the USA or England because face it, the range of further education is so much bigger there then here in Sweden. One of my overseas friend tipped me on Wellpatch Cooling pads for migraine, and I got curious since we don’t have them here in Scandinavia.

Have you tried Wellpatch Cooling Pads?

Have you tried the Wellpatch Cooling Pads? Are they as good as they say? Or do you use something that works even better when you have a migraine?

What works the best for you, to ease a migraine attack? Both before and during. I would love to hear from you, so please share your experience!

I got very curious, and the ratings on Wellpatch Cooling pads are very high, 4,6 stars out of 5. So, therefore, I wanted to share with you about this product. I have ordered a package for me to try and will get back to you with a personal review. To clarify, I have not got a free sample or anything else from Wellpatch, and I pay for this as everyone else!

Wellpatch Cooling Pads

Manufacture: Wellpatch (there are somewhat cheaper copies)
$26.31 (6 packs of 4 = 24 patches)
Size of package:
Pack of 4 but varies how many packs you get.
Up to 12 hours (somewhat cheaper copies, up to 8 hours)
Where to buy:
4.6 out of 5

Product overview:
Wellpatch Cooling Patches soothes the discomfort of migraine, tension and sinus headaches, but also fever. They provide cooling therapy to supplement to your regular treatment routine, that they probably mean some medication or drugs. Since they are safe to use with medication and are drug-free.

Wellpatch Cooling Patch cools immediately and lasts up to 12 hours. You apply the patch to the forehead or neck for soothing, cooling relief. The size of the large patch is, 4.3″ x 2″ (11 x 5cm) each.
The patches have a lavender and menthol gel on them. Several types of research have shown that lavender has a soothing effect of migraines, and the menthol usually is used since it has a cooling impact.

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